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Sense of History

If you do not already possess a sense of history, this book can help you get it. But you must commit to a critical review of every paper published in this anthology. Some of our writers have it better than others, and as you re­view these writings—please do not skip any of them—you can hone your sense of history as much from the least of them as you can from the best. And that leads to the call that we are asking you to make. Which of our writers makes the best case for his premise? The editors of this anthology will not tell you who the greatest Prince Hall mason of the twentieth century is; we are asking you to tell us. Which of our writers has the requisite sense of history to prove his point? We are not asking you to vote for your favorite historical mason. We want you to tell us which of our writers proves his case. The writers must have approached the subject with a sense of history, and in evaluating these works, we ask you to do likewise.


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